Brave Second-Grader Saves Choking Classmate

A New York elementary student's Lunchtime nearly turned deadly until a second-grader stepped in to save the day.

David Diaz Jr. noticed a choking classmate and jumped into action to deliver the Heimlich maneuver. Diaz, a student at Woodrow Wilson Elementary in Binghamton, New York, saved his classmate's life and became a local hero.

Diaz said that he learned the life-saving technique from watching ABC's "The Good Doctor" with his dad, David Diaz Sr. The show is about a young surgeon with autism who joins a surgical unit at a renowned.

"I was surprised," David said. "I didn't know what to do, so I just did it."

Teachers were monitoring the cafeteria, but Diaz was sitting across from his classmate. Diaz said that he was closer than any of the teachers so he decided to try and help.

Afterward, the student who had been choking was checked out by the school nurse and the child’s parents were contacted.

His quick thinking saved his classmate's life and earned him an award. On June 13, Binghamton City School District superintendent Dr. Tonia Thompson and New York State Sen. Fred Akshar presented Diaz with the New York State Senate Commendation Award for his heroic actions.

"You have to save everybody in life," said Diaz, whose father said he's "very proud" of his son for what he did.

"I was just wondering how he even knew how to do the Heimlich maneuver."

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