BREAKING! You Won’t Believe Who Was Just Named “Sexiest Man Alive”

The Guardian newspaper in the United Kingdom dubbed Anthony Fauci, the main medical adviser to President Joe Biden, as “the sexiest man alive” on Monday, according to the journal.

The Guardian published a photo of Fauci on its Instagram page and branded him “the sexiest man alive,” referencing a People Magazine campaign to crown the 80-year-old bureaucrat “the sexiest man alive.”

“The sexiest man alive,” the outlet captioned a picture of Fauci. “Anthony Fauci, an 80-year-old scientist, doctor and public servant, has become an unlikely cult hero for millions of people during the Covid pandemic.”

“The US diseases expert has been spoofed by Brad Pitt and lauded as the ‘sexiest man alive,’” the caption continued. “Now the pop culture phenomenon is the focus of a documentary, appropriately titled: Fauci.’

“At the core of Tony’s popularity is that people intuit that this is a man who is speaking the truth and will not let anything stand in the way,” John Hoffman said, according to the post. “Tony is the signal amid the noise. People are able to sense that there’s a lot of noise and their ears are trying to find the signal and Tony is the signal.”

In 2020, an internet campaign was launched to persuade People Magazine to name Fauci “the sexiest guy alive.” The effort was successful. While Michael B. Jordan was finally awarded the title, Fauci was named to People magazine’s “2020 People of the Year” list in recognition of his efforts.

As a result of the COVID-19 outbreak last year and the subsequent rise to national fame, Fauci has gotten a slew of glowing profiles, the latest of which is being published by The Guardian and the upcoming documentary. Critics have accused Fauci of exploiting his high-profile position in the federal response to COVID-19 in order to garner attention for himself and his family.

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