"Call The Chicken Police!" Florida Man Killed His Neighbor’s Rooster

A Florida man has been arrested after killing his neighbor's pet rooster. Jason Defelice, the rooster’s owner said that he believes James Nix had intended to kill his pet.

“I lose them to animals, but I was not expecting to lose them to my neighbor that was like my friend," he said.

But Nix argues that he was defending himself from the rooster attack.

“I just checked my mail and turn around and go, and I hear, ’Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang!’ And I turn around, and there’s a chicken out there in the street. I said, 'Oh boy, here we go.'”

“Turn around, walk to my place — bang, bang, bang, bang, bang — now the chicken's in my yard. Now its neck flares up,” he said.

“So I pick up a stick in the yard, and I try to hit it. But the chicken's jumping up at me, and I accidentally knocked in the head, you know? Call it a lucky shot, whatever.”

Nix said he didn’t know what he was supposed to do.

“I didn’t know to give it a 21-gun salute!” Nix said. “CPR, mouth-to-mouth, do you know? Or call the chicken ambulance?”

Kids in the neighborhood told Defelice that Nix had beaten the rooster to death so he called animal control.

“Next thing you know, he calls the chicken police on me,” Nix said. “Chickens die every day, people — at Church's, Popeyes, Kentucky Fried Chicken.”

Nix spent 30 days in jail for animal cruelty.

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