Children Watch In Horror As Shots Are Fired During Football Game

A youth football coach in Philadelphia shot a rival coach in the stands Friday where young children were practicing. Video footage captured two men arguing before the shots were heard. The gunman started to walk away but then turned around and opened fire, striking one of the men he had been arguing with as well as another individual in the stands.

A group of seven-year-olds was practicing as the incident unfolded. The video shows the chaos that ensued after the shots were fired.

The shooter and one of the victims had been arguing over a woman just prior to the shooting, according to the police report. Police identified the gunman as the coach for the Blackhawks youth football team and one of the victims was the coach of a rival team. Police say that the indviduals involved in the incident are refusing to cooperate with authorities and no arrest have been made at this time.

“It’s extremely disturbing,” Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner said, noting the shooting could have a lasting affect on the children who witnessed it.

“The effect is that people are desensitized to it. It seems normal that there are gunshots going on and that is not how our youth should be living,” Krasner continued. “It is not how they should be growing up.”

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