Chilling Reaction From Putin When Asked About Suspicious Deaths

Russian President Vladimir Putin gave a recent interview ahead of his meeting with President Joe Biden today in Geneva. He was confronted by the NBC journalist over whether he had any information on the numerous killings of the most outspoken critics of the Russian Government.

“Let me give you some names,” NBC News reporter Keir Simmons said. “Anna Politkovskaya, shot dead. Alexander Litvinenko, poisoned by polonium. Sergei Magnitsky, allegedly beaten and died in prison. Boris Nemtsov, shot moments from the Kremlin, moments from here. Mikhail Lesin— died of— blunt trauma in Washington, D.C.”

“Are all of these a coincidence, Mr. President?” Simmons asked.

Once the translation came through to Putin he burst out laughing, saying, “Look, you know, I don’t want to come across as being rude, but— this looks like— some kind of— indigestion, except that it’s verbal indigestion.”

“You mentioned many individuals who indeed suffered and perished at different points in time for various reasons at the hand of different individuals,” he said. “You mentioned Lesin. Lesin used to work in my administration. I— liked him very much. He died— he perished or died in the United States. I’m not sure if he perished or died. We should ask you how exactly he perished. I— regret to this day that he is not with us. In my opinion, he’s a very decent person.”

“As far as— the others, we found some of the criminals who committed— those crimes. Some are in prison, and we are prepared to continue to work in this mode and— along this avenue identifying everybody who violates the law and by their actions cause damage, including to the image of the Russian Federation,” he continued. “However—just piling everything together is— meaningless— inappropriate, and baseless. If— one sees it as a line of attack, then very well. Let me listen to it— one more time. But I repeat it— I— I’d like to repeat that I have heard it— many times. But this doesn’t baffle me. I know which direction to move in to secure the interests of the Russian state.”

Below is the chilling footage of the Russian President:

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