Climate Activists On Tire Slashing Rampage Plan To Expand To These Cities

The U.K. climate group has announced parallel activities in towns throughout the country after its activists deflated tires on approximately 40 automobiles in New York City last month.

The Tyre Extinguishers, an organization that urges activists to deflate the tires of parked sport utility vehicles (SUVs) in order to cut greenhouse gas emissions, said that it has already spread to the Chicago and San Francisco areas this month. This month, members of the group have deflated the tires of 20 SUVs in Chicago, another 20 in Scranton, Pennsylvania, and 12 SUVs close to San Francisco.

"It can happen anywhere, anytime," a spokesperson for the group wrote in an email. "If you're reading this and you own an SUV, scrap it before we get to it."

The spokesperson previously stated that the group plans to "expand massively" across the country in the coming weeks.

The group explained their intention to take SUVs out of service because they are a "disaster for our health, our public safety and our climate."

"Bigger and bigger cars are dominating our towns and cities, and all so a privileged few can flaunt their wealth," according to a statement on the Tyre Extinguishers' website. "Because governments and politicians have failed to protect us from this danger, we must protect ourselves."

The group offers instructions on how to swiftly deflate tires on the website, along with a brochure that can be printed and posted on the windshields of targeted cars. The victim is urged not to "take it personally" if their tires were underinflated, according to the letter.

Electric vehicles (EVs) are not excluded by The Tyre Extinguishers from their efforts, as these vehicles also have a significant carbon footprint.

The representative for the group forwarded an email to Fox News Digital from a San Francisco-based EV owner who claimed their vehicle had been targeted and demanded reimbursement.

"Are you people verifying whether the cars you're slashing are electric vehicles or not? Or are you just targetting ALL SUVs?" the person wrote. "Freaking geniuses. How do I get compensated for this?"

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