Detrimental Injury Takes Atlanta QB Out Of The Game Indefinitely

A.J. McCarron’s season was prematurely ended today as the team revealed that he will miss the rest of the year with a knee injury.

The Falcons confirmed on Sunday night that the famed former Alabama quarterback had torn his ACL during a loss to the Dolphins, effectively ending his chances of playing this season.

In spite of the fact that McCarron is simply a backup quarterback to Matt Ryan, he is a household name in the football world, having previously played as a standout quarterback for the University of Alabama.

The name McCarron has become highly well-known in the world of college football over the last 20 years due to his accomplishments.

With a torn ACL, he will miss the entire 2021 season and will be out of the league for the rest of the season. Because he is only 30 years old, he has a good chance of making a comeback in the upcoming years.

However, as we all know, recovering from injuries does not become any simpler as one gets older. It’s just going to get harder, and he’s obviously no longer a kid on the block.

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