Devastated Fathers SLAM Biden For His Blatant Disrespect Towards Fallen Soldiers

Clearly broken by the deaths of their sons, two fathers of Marines killed in the suicide bombing at the Kabul airport, made their feelings about president Joe Biden, known.

Monday In an interview on “Hannity”, Mark Schmitz, father of Marine Jared Schmitz, and Darin Hoover, father of Marine Darin Taylor Hoover Jr.spoke about President Joe Biden’s behavior at the mournful homecoming of their sons. Both fathers spoke about the blatant disrespect president Joe Biden showed toward the 13 hero’s heartbreaking homecoming.

During the interview, Schmitz said that had met with Biden, while Hoover said that he “didn’t want Biden anywhere near us.”

Schmitz said the meeting with Biden had not gone well and was distasteful, adding that the president spoke more about his own deceased son than he had about his son Jared.

Biden’s younger son, former Delaware State Attorney General Joseph Biden III died in 2015 at the age of 46 from an aggressive form of brain cancer. While the tragic death of the president’s son was no doubt painful for him, this was not about him.

“Initially, I wasn’t going to meet with him,” Schmitz. said.”But then I felt I owed it to my son to at least have some words with him about how I felt—and it didn’t go well.”

“He talked a bit more about his own son than he did my son, and that didn’t sit well with me”

During the interview, Hoover said that he’d decided not to meet with Biden due to his disrespectful behavior at the Dover Air Force Base, Del., where they had gathered to greet the caskets of the 13 American heroes.

Hoover described the president callously looking down at his watch several times as the caskets were being offloaded from the plane.

“That didn’t happen just once. It happened on every single one that came out of that airplane. It happened on every single one of them. They would release the salute, and he would look down at his watch on every single one, all 13 he looked down at his watch,” Hoover said.

“As a father, seeing that and the disrespect, and hearing from his former leaders, one of Taylor’s master sergeants said…’that this was avoidable’–that they left them over there…they had them over there and let them down, and we can’t have that. It can’t happen ever again.” Hoover said.

When Hoover was asked why he and his family had decided not to meet with Biden, he replied, “We said absolutely not. We didn’t want to deal with him, we didn’t want him anywhere near us. We as a family decided that that was the way it was going to be.”

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