Doctors Spot Something Disturbing Stuck INSIDE This Woman

Doctors were shocked to discover a glass tumbler inside a woman’s urethra after she had gone to the hospital complaining of a suspected urinary tract infection.

In a disturbing case, a 45-year-old Tunisian woman admitted that she had used a glass tumbler as a sex toy several years before the doctors found it trapped inside her bladder. In what was more than one mistake that night, she had pushed the glass into her urethra, the small hole that women use for urination, instead of her vagina.

She went into the Academic Hospital Habib Bourguiba complaining of symptoms typically related to a urinary tract infection, such as leaking, and pain. Scans showed that the glass was encased in an 8 centimeter-wide bladder stone.

Doctors wrote up a detailed Urology Case Report about the case which was published by ScienceDirect. The woman had to undergo surgery to have the stone and glass removed.

Despite the size of the foreign object inside her urethra, the woman did not have any blood in her urine but had only suffered from cystitis in the past.

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