Drag Queen Encourages Little Girl To Dance For Money

A video posted to Twitter shows a little girl dancing on stage with a drag queen as adults throw cash tips.

The video that was posted on Twitter Tuesday shows a little girl dancing on stage as a man dressed in a thong and drag outfit wanders around the stage, encouraging the girl to keep dancing. The girl can be seen smiling and dancing as people are throwing cash at her feet.

An adult female was recorded fanning cash onto the girl as she was dancing, in a way that is done in many strip clubs in the movies and music videos.

As the music fades away, the drag queen in the thong outfit is seen getting on stage to help direct the little girl, while the announcer instructs the child to collect all the cash she earned dancing for the adults.

“Oh my goodness!! How in the world?!” the man in drag is recorded saying to the little girl. “Look at all that money you just made! Look at all that. My goodness! You just made yourself some money!”

As the drag queen continues to praise the little girl, adults continue to bring more money to the stage.

“Oh my! And you got more money! That’s all you!” the drag queen says to the girl as the man in the thong outfit hands her more of the collected cash tips.

The event took place at a “family-friendly” drag show in Palm Springs, California.

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