Driver Isn't Giving Up His BLM License Plate Without A Fight

It's an explicative message that first caught drivers' attention nearly a year ago: a vanity license plate with the controversial message "FCK BLM", or Black Lives Matter.

The City and County of Honolulu said the 2021 vanity license plate was an "ill-advised oversight" as requests with the letters 'FCK' or 'FKN' are automatically rejected.

The city said they recalled the plate in August 2021, and the owner would have to surrender it. But the car has recently been spotted still driving around with the plates. According to the city, the vehicle owner received three messages telling him to turn in the license plate, but he ignored them.

"If you claim to be the Aloha State, then do something about it, "says UH Manoa Law professor Ken Lawson, who is Black. Lawson says the lack of urgency in the case has been a problem. "The fact that you didn't do anything may be more proof that his license plate may be correct that our lives don't matter, that our feelings don't matter, that these types of things can be publicly done," he says.

The Department of Customer Services (CSD) said, "we have sent three letters to the registered owner recalling the license plate. However, the registered owner has failed to surrender the plate. CSD placed a hold on renewals of his vehicle registration and his registration is now expired. HPD can cite the vehicle if it is being operated on the roads."

The vehicle registration has expired, and a hold has been placed on renewal, meaning the driver will have to get a standard plate and surrender the vanity plates.

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