Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Gets Serious After 46% Favor Him For President

The 2024 election is setting up to be a spectacle after a recent poll revealed that 46% of Americans would vote for Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson to be president of the United States.

Johnson responded to the “humbling honor” of running for president stating that he will be listening and learning to discern whether he would run for office.

Speaking with PEOPLE, Johnson said that he is grateful for the many opportunities that America has afforded him and would run for president as a payment of debt.

“I love our country to my core and I’m endlessly grateful for the opportunities I’ve had here, as a half-Black, half-Samoan kid being able to work my ass off knowing tenacity opens doors,” he told the magazine. “In a lot of ways, I’m indebted to our great country for it.”

The actor has never considered himself to be a politician or even someone with “the patience or resignation to deal with the B.S. that comes with politics and politicians.”

“When 46 percent of Americans say they’re in favor of me becoming president, that forces me to humbly and respectfully stand up, listen and learn,” he said.

Growing up to become the global superstar that he is, Johnson said that his journey was not without adversity.

“When I wasn’t [in Hawaii], I was usually primarily in the South. And at that time growing up, you run into discrimination. You run into discrimination at the workplace,” he said. “But I’ve always been of the mindset that I can’t change that and I can’t change the way I look. I was born with this color and who I am and where I’m from. So the best thing that I could do is control the controllables, put in the work with my own two hands, and if someone then continues to choose to discriminate against me, well, that’s on them.”

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