EMERGENCY Recall Puts Thousands Of Trucks At Risk Of Engine Failure

The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration announced an official investigation into more than 600,000 Dodge Ram pickup trucks following reports of fuel pump failures causing engines to stall.

The inquiry could recall over 600,000 Ram 2500, 3500, 4500, and 5500 diesel pickups equipped with 6.7-liter Cummins turbodiesel engines.

Documents indicate that the regulatory agency received two field reports and 22 complaints with high-pressure fuel pumps breaking, followed by engine failure. Fortunately, no accidents or injuries were reported as a result of the pump failures.

When the trucks exceed 25 miles per hour, the engines shut down and the trucks become inopperable. Additionally, the NHTSA stated that Fiat Chrysler, which owns Dodge and manufactures Ram pickups, sent a warranty warning in November 2019 instructing dealers to collect the trucks’ fuel pumps.

The agency has launched an inquiry into why and how the pumps shut down, which models are impacted, and whether the issue may be the result of a safety fault. Fiat Chrysler, now known as Stellantis, stated in a statement that it is cooperating with the inquiry, which may result in the recall of the impacted trucks.

The current NHTSA probe is the latest in a series of Ram truck-related safety concerns.

Stellantis was obliged to recall around 266,000 Ram 2500 and 3500 pickup trucks in North America from model years 2015 to 2020 following a report indicating that the side cabin airbags might blow, delivering deadly debris into the cab.

According to the AP, the airbag inflators were manufactured by Joyson Safety Systems, which had recently acquired Takata Airbags following the company’s bankruptcy. Takata’s airbags were filled via a tiny explosion created by ammonium nitrate. The ammonium nitrate had become contaminated with moisture during the production process, which might have resulted in the metal canisters of the airbags exploding, hurling shrapnel into the cab.

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