FBI Imposter Busted With Copious Amounts Of Drugs

A Florida man demanded that a sheriff's deputy call the FBI and the local police after discovering an uncapped syringe and a crystal substance among his possessions because he was allegedly "allowed to carry methamphetamine."

Police say that 50-year-old Robert Lawson was detained yesterday after being seen loitering close to a wooded area in Clearwater. Lawson reportedly granted police permission to search him and his belongings during a "consensual encounter."

The search turned up a used/uncapped syringe with a brown liquid residue, as well as a small baggie containing "a crystal substance" that tested positive for meth, according to the arrest report.

Lawson demanded that Deputy Daniel Maddox call "the FBI and Saint Petersburg Police department because he is allowed to carry methamphetamine" after having his rights read to him.

Lawson was taken into custody on charges of felony drug possession and misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia. He has a $2150 bond and is being held in the county jail.

On Lawson's criminal record are convictions for trespassing, battery, possessing drug paraphernalia, and drinking in a public space.

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