Florida Man Gets 10 Years For What He Did To Innocent Dog

A Florida man was sentenced to 10 years in prison for allegedly beating and stabbing a pitbull more than 50 times, according to the man’s attorney Tuesday.

Brendan Evans-35 who has been accused of stabbing a pit bull more than 50 times, and then imprisoning him in a suitcase is now pleading guilty to the charges four years after saying that he was innocent.

Evans will serve 10 years in state prison on two counts of animal cruelty, his defense attorney Michael Gottlieb said Tuesday.
Prosecutors dropped 15 of the 17 counts of animal cruelty charges in exchange for his guilty plea. Evans has been in jail since he was arrested four years ago.

In October 2017 a Florida couple found Ollie in a blue suitcase near Hollywood, Fl. The pit bull had been stabbed and was badly bruised, they called authorities and the dog was turned over to Grateful Paws & Cat Rescue.
Investigators found a handwritten note, saying, “Make the entire pit bull investigation go away. Return all curses placed on Brendan to their sender. Give Brendan peace of mind.”

Animal lovers around the world were outraged and A GoFundMe page was set up to help pay for his care and raised $40,000, however Ollie died of cardiac arrest two days later.

After he died, the money was put toward a reward to be used for finding his attacker, which totaled nearly $60,000 — including $31,800 from anonymous donors.

Hollywood police linked Evans’ DNA to the suitcase and arrested him in November of that same year.

Investigators searched Evans’ apartment where they found an 18-inch machete, a knife covered with blood and fur, and another knife with a broken handle and blade in a dog bowl. His oven was covered with blood and fur, according to police.

“There were also kittens & rats who were tortured [in the apartment] and never made it out,” according to “Justice for Ollie,” a Facebook page created to bring the attacker to justice.





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