Florida Officers Can’t Believe Their Eyes During Ordinary Traffic Stop

In Monroe County, Florida, located at the state’s southernmost tip and includes the Florida Keys, officers made an unassuming traffic stop of a truck driving too slow only to discover 32 migrants suspected of making their way north from Cuba into the U.S. while hiding in a boat being pulled behind the truck.

Sargent Joel Slough conducted the routine traffic stop of a rental truck pulling a large boat when at first he found four suspected migrants inside the truck, three of them being very young children. After more officials arrived they found two pregnant women, dozens of other adults, and several teenagers hiding in the boat.

Sgt. Slough remembers how the children were not wearing their seatbelts as well as the powerful stench of sweat and saltwater.

The driver of the truck, Reidel Garcia-Espino, 29, of Seffner, Florida, was charged with child neglect since not one of the children in the vehicle was properly restrained. Garcia-Espino claimed he and the group had only been out fishing, however, there was no evidence found to support this story.

Ultimately, the migrants were placed in Customs and Border Protection’s custody except for Garcia-Espino who, as a legal citizen, was taken to jail.

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