Governor Pardons Missourian Couple For Defending Their Home Against BLM Mob

The McCloskeys made national headlines by showing their weapons towards a BLM mob that was “trespassing” through their neighborhood last summer. These Americans were charged by a grand jury in October with unlawful use of a weapon and tampering with physical evidence, both felony crimes.

Now that wrong was righted by the Republican Missouri Governor Michael Parson on Tuesday after he pardoned the St. Louis couple.

Even though the McCloskeys pleaded guilty to misdemeanor offenses related to the confrontation between the mob and themselves. Mark McCloskey pleaded guilty to fourth-degree assault and was fined $750. Patricia McCloskey pleaded guilty to second-degree harassment and was fined $2,000. Both agreed to give up their guns used in the altercation.

Mark McCloskey said in a Tuesday statement that if he were ever put in that situation again, he would act the same, according to the AP.

“Today we are incredibly thankful that Governor Mike Parson righted this wrong and granted us pardons,” he added.

McCloskey attorney Joel Schwartz added that the couple is “thrilled” with Parson’s decision to pardon them.

“They want to put this episode of their lives behind them and focus on Mark’s campaign for senate. As Mark McCloskey has stated, if he faced the same situation again, he would conduct himself in the same manner, and he feels he’s been vindicated by the governor’s pardon,” Schwartz said, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner pursued the case against the McCloskeys but later earned a reprimand from a judge for using the high-profile case to raise campaign funds for her own reelection. The judge eventually disqualified her from the case.

“Ms. Gardner has every right to rebut criticism, but it appears unnecessary to stigmatize defendant – or even mention him – in campaign solicitations, especially when she purports to be responding to others,” the judge wrote at the time. “In fact, the case law and Rules of Professional Conduct prohibit it.”

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