Jill's Slight Against Minorities Could Seal The Democrat's Fate

On Monday, First Lady Jill Biden visited one of the largest Hispanic neighborhoods in the country to remind the people there that the only things we Latinos are good for are breakfast tacos and bodegas.

It was not an error when Mrs. Biden used divisive and insulting language to describe the diversity of Hispanics in San Antonio, Texas. It is another illustration of the Biden administration's callous, intimidating, and polarizing onslaught on minorities in America.

All public speeches written for the president and first lady are carefully reviewed and scrutinized by the White House. But Biden's defenders in the left-leaning media claim that Jill's Teleprompter reading of the words "didn't come out correctly."

Jill's prepared speech was out of date, offensive, and disparaging of Hispanics. She only touched the surface of the issue. She gave a speech at the LatinX incluXion luncheon, which is where it all began. The moniker "LatinX" is disliked by the vast majority of Hispanics. Nevertheless, the Democrats persist in imposing their linguistic philosophy on the Hispanic community. What's coming next? Month of LatinX Hispanic Heritage?


A White House representative apologized on Jill's behalf after Breakfast Taco-Gate but atinos won't fall for a mea culpa tweet from her press secretary that is only one sentence long when Jill herself wrote and delivered the insulting speech.

The crimson wave that wipes out Democrats in 2022 and the Bidens in 2024 will be driven by Hispanic-Americans. In order to serve and represent their voters as they would their family, Republicans must now more than ever support Latinos who can talk to Hispanic Americans with humility and personal experience.

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