Former Pro Cheerleader ‘Karen’ Arrested By FBI After Assaulting Man On A Plane

FBI agents arrested a woman who screamed at a man because he was not wearing a mask on a plane.

The woman became enraged during a Delta flight Thursday from Tampa to Atlanta, when the man she confronted would not wear his mask while he was eating and drinking. In a video that has been posted to Twitter, the woman can be heard screaming at the man to put his “f*****g mask on.” Seconds later when she tells him to “stand [his] ass up,” the man responds by saying, “sit down Karen.” Ironically the woman was wearing her mask on her chin.

A flight attendant and another member of the flight crew tried to intervene, instructing the woman to “mask up.” She gestures toward the man, and yells “tell him to mask up.” Things then get out of hand when the man calls the angry woman a “b***h” and she punches him.

“As soon as we get to Atlanta, you’re going to jail,” he tells her.

The altercation continues with the woman, who is being restrained by the flight attendant, telling the man he is a “f*****g piece of s**t.” The man alleged that the woman also spat on him and scratched him before she is taken away by two FBI agents.

Officers from the Atlanta Police Department arrived at the airport in response to the incident and questioned passengers about what had happened aboard the flight.

There was a similar incident in October when a passenger attacked a flight attendant aboard American Airlines over wearing a mask.

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