Legendary ESPN Broadcaster Gives A Big ‘F**k You’ To Aaron Rodgers

It is truly the end of an era after Kenny Mayne closed out his final “SportsCenter” episode with an unforgettable moment with Packers QB Aaron Rodgers.

The ESPN broadcaster had his final episode Monday night. During the last segment of the show, he brought on the Green Bay Packers quarterback to discuss several different topics. Usually, that is the end of the episode.

However, the legendary Mayne had something else up his sleeve that had people talking and laughing through this past week.

“Last time we did the interview together, you told me to go heavy on the crypto-currency game. I did. We’re down 40 percent, then I lost my job. Gretchen just wants a new comforter. F**k you, Aaron Rodgers,” Mayne said right before walking off of the set.

Watch the hilarious moment unfold below.

If you’re going to end your career on ESPN, then you might as well end it like that. That was an epic way to sign off with Aaron Rodgers.

Obviously, there was no malice in his voice at all. The two love each other, but Rodgers apparently caused Mayne to lose a bunch of money on crypto.

It’s also truly the end of an era over at ESPN with Mayne being shown the exit after he refused to take a pay cut.

Mayne, who has been with ESPN since 1994, was a SportsCenter mainstay for many years before branching out and hosting his own shows and other events across their networks.

“We could not come to an agreement to keep me working there,” said Mayne regarding why he will no longer be working for ESPN. “They made an offer and I wasn’t exactly flattered and decided to reject it.”

“It was a significant pay cut. It was a big pay cut to do essentially the same job. It was a 14 percent reduction in time worked and a 61 percent reduction in money earned. I thought the variance was too much. I’m not asking anyone to feel sorry for me. It’s my choice to stay or not stay. It was still a good amount of money in the real world. I’m not trying to frame this as woe for me. Nothing like that. I just think I can do better elsewhere. So I told them that I feel like you’ve got a certain over-under on my worth and I’m going to go play the over. They did not seem to care that I made that choice.”

As Mayne tells it, it sounds like ESPN knew what it was doing with its offer and fully expected him to walk away rather than remain at the company.

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