Liberals Desperate To Vaccinate More Americans Offer Free Marijuana Joints With Every Dose

Americans appear to have a deep distrust for the COVID-19 vaccine as many states are offering multiple programs and incentives for citizens to get vaccinated. Washington state just announced that it will allow certain shops to give away free marijuana joints alongside COVID-19 vaccinations.

“The Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board [LCB] is offering pot shops the opportunity to host COVID-19 vaccination clinics at their stores and give a free joint to customers who get vaccinated, according to a news release from the agency.”

This is not including other motivation for people to get vaccinated including the possibility of winning $1 million dollars.

“Only those who receive a shot at an on-site clinic will be able to get a free pre-roll, Brian Smith, a spokesperson for the LCB, told McClatchy News. The offer is only for people 21 and older,” the outlet noted.

Retail licensees of marijuana had reportedly requested to carry out a promotion with the state in order to motivate people to get vaccinated, according to the LCB press release. The release stated that from Monday to July 12, the LCB is “providing a limited allowance for retail cannabis licensed businesses” to provide COVID-19 vaccination clinics at the store and give out “one joint at no cost to customers who receive a COVID-19 vaccination at the promotional clinic.” The stores can also advertise the promotion “so long as licensees maintain compliance with all other advertising regulations.”

States recently took action to incentivize people to get vaccinated against COVID-19 as interest in the vaccines started to dwindle.

Ohio created a lottery system for vaccinated residents with other states like New York, Oregon, Colorado, and Maryland following soon after and announcing that they would provide residents with the ability to receive prizes if they got vaccinated against COVID-19.

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