Man Goes To The Extreme Getting Snake Infestation Out Of His House

A Maryland homeowner found himself with a horrifying snake infestation which led to his home burning to the ground.

The unidentified homeowner thought it wise to use smoke from hot coals to evict the snakes, Montgomery County Fire and Rescue (MCFR) spokesman Pete Piringer tweeted Thursday. It looks as though the hot coals got too close to flammable materials and started the fire.

The fire started in the basement and quickly ravaged the three-story home, causing more than $1 million in damage, MCFR tweeted.

There were no human injuries, Piringer tweeted. The snakes’ status was listed as “undetermined.”

The idea of using fire in an attempt to get rid of a snake infestation is not a new one either.

A Louisiana woman was arrested and charged with arson in April after setting multiple fires in her neighborhood in an attempt to remove snakes from the land.

Agriculture Commissioner Mike Strain said that if people are concerned about snakes, they should maintain their yards and layout mothballs instead of lighting fires.

“Setting fires, quote, to get rid of snakes is just a really, really bad idea,” Strain said.

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