Man's Attempt To Murder Thousands Of Woman Narrowly Avoided

A self-described "incel" who attempted to kill 3,000 women today pled guilty in federal court and now faces life in prison.

Tres Genco, 22, of Hillsboro, Ohio, acknowledged in a statement to spying on and targeting women at an Ohio university in 2020, according to the Department of Justice. He was detained after being taken into custody by federal law enforcement agents last year.

An “incel,” short for “involuntary celibate,” refers to a small group of men who harbor extreme anger and rage at women for what they believe in their minds as being rejected by them for romantic or sexual relationships.

“Thankfully, law enforcement partners working closely together prevented a deadly killing spree targeting women,” said Special Agent in Charge J. William Rivers for the FBI Cincinnati Field Division. “Genco’s hate-filled beliefs and actions were extremely dangerous and could have resulted in irreparable harm to our community and many precious lives. We urge the public to report concerning behavior to the FBI and local police to help prevent future violence.”

Genco said that he wanted to “slaughter” women “out of hatred, jealousy and revenge…” and referred to death as the “great equalizer.”


According to the DOJ, Genco wrote a letter indicating his intention to "aim large" during his terrorist act by killing up to 3,000 women.


Genco alluded to the day when another incel terrorist actually carried out his assault in 2014, murdering six people and wounding 14.


On the day that Genco composed his manifesto, he looked into the several sororities that met on the campus of an unnamed public university. In the year 2020, he also looked for information about how to commit "a gunshot crime" online on the day that he "conducted surveillance" at the university.

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