WATCH! Mayor Lightfoot Slammed For Crime Surge After Brazen Robbery

A car dealership owner condemned Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot Saturday after his business was robbed in broad daylight.

Gold Coast Exotic Motorcars Owner Joe Perillo said his business was robbed Saturday while families were inside.

“I was so amped up. I had so much anger in me and I started out by hating Mayor Lightfoot and hating Kim Foxx and hating the criminals,” Perillo said.

“When I went on the news, I said enough is enough. Those two words resonated. The phone calls started ringing in my dealership. My friends, relatives, people that I didn’t know. People that could get a hold of my number and they were saying enough is enough. I never realized that it has gotten to such a boiling point and no one stepping out to say anything about it,” Perillo said.

“They’re probably good people. They’re probably are trying to do good for the community. But they’re doing bad for the community,” Perillo said about Lightfoot and Foxx.

Downtown Chicago has suffered a startling 220% increase in shootings since 2019.

“What happened to my dealership, it’s not about me,” Perillo said. “What they don’t realize is that they’re harvesting criminals,” Perillo went on to say about Lightfoot and Foxx.

Democratic Chicago Alderman Raymond Lopez slammed Lightfoot for “refusing to acknowledge any fault” for the surge in crime.

In response to the crime surge, the city has launched a program called “Safe Chicago,” where they have installed hundreds of “bleeding control kits” throughout the city in public buildings. These kits will help citizens treat life-threatening injuries.

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