New Movie Will Document Many Of Hunter Biden’s Juicy Scandals

Veteran actor Robert Davi is scheduled to direct a film about the many vices that President Joe Biden’s son suffers from that include all of the partying, addiction, and corrupt business dealings of Hunter Biden.

Davi, whose list of film accolades include “Die Hard” and James Bond’s “License to Kill,” stated that he hopes that “My Son Hunter” is a cautionary tale like “Blow” and “The Wolf of Wall Street.”

Davi shared his vision in making the film “tasteful, fair and factual” for all the facts of Hunter Biden.

“There’s a lot of great films that people do,” he said. “But they’re not as engaging as you would say that we have coming out of Hollywood, which is mostly the progressive Left. And that’s just how it’s always been.”

To that end, Davi said he’s more interested in exploring the story of the president’s son as a compelling drama rather than a political screed, saying of the script, “It tells the story, but it humanizes the characters. It’s telling facts, it’s telling what happened, and at the same time it’s a delicate story because — you know.”

Davi also described how his personal experiences color his view of the younger Biden’s struggles, saying, “I have family members who struggled with addiction and some who still continue to struggle with addiction. So there’s a sensitivity toward that and not to demonize something – a story.” He added, “It will tastefully show most of the – because, you know, it’s interesting… you show the good with the bad. ‘You know, that’s life. And it’s nothing he’s not admitted to.”

The other factor motivating the 70-year-old star is the fact that so few established media outlets or film companies have shown an interest in Hunter Biden’s story.

“It just was a very riveting story. I was wondering why it was so underreported around the world, or at least investigation – why it wasn’t investigated enough,” Davi said of the lack of coverage when the news about Hunter Biden’s laptop first broke, adding, “Most people don’t know all the details about it. Meanwhile, we have tremendous facts.”

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