New York Yankees Too Bored To Watch Their Own Team

The New York Yankees must have been bored in the dugout Tuesday night because they made up a bizarre game of their own to pass the time.

Players appeared to be tossing their chewed gum at a sprinkler head in the grass.

The game lasted for about three innings and a video of the side game has now gone viral..

Former Yankees outfielder described the “gross” game on the air.

"It's like golf," Maybin said. "It's like frisbee golf. They find a little marker on the field and they toss the gum and they act as if they're playing frisbee golf."

While some fans were amused many felt bad for the poor grounds crew worker who will have to clean it up.

“I'm actually not a huge fan of baseball players making the grounds crew clean up bubble gum off the field,” one unhappy fan said.

“I hope they’re gonna clean that up cause like???? The grounds crew is gonna have to clean that up,” commented another fan.

One fan suggested the grounds crew deserved a little extra money for cleaning the gross mess. “grounds crew better get a fifty dollar PER piece picked out of the grass later” the fan insisted.

In the end, it didn't stop the Yankees from taking the win-- they went on to beat the A's 2-1 ... moving them to a staggering 55-20 this year.

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