Officer Gives Epic Sendoff With Shocking Final Message Straight To Gov. Inslee

As of  Monday, Washington is requiring all state employees to have been vaccinated but one trooper just couldn’t wait until the deadline to quit and gave with a sobering final sign-off at the end of his shift. After 22 years as a State Patrol officer, Robert LaMay gave a few kind words to friends and colleagues but his message to Governor Jay Inslee was brutally honest and left a deep wound.

Check it out … LaMay, who’s apparently unvaccinated, gets on the radio and says this will be his final time in a WA state patrol car, all because he’s been deemed “dirty,” as he puts it.

He goes on to recount the good times he had on the job, while thanking his colleagues for getting him home safe each night — and, finally, ending his remarks with, “Jay Inslee can kiss my ass.” He drops the mic on his lap … waiting for someone on the other end.

Eventually, the dispatcher jumps on and goes through a list of his contributions as a trooper … also thanking him for his service. It’s somewhat unceremonious, which he acknowledges.

Of course, the harsh reality of the situation is that a lot of law enforcement officers, as well as healthcare workers, are being forced to make a difficult choice. Mass firings/resignations have already begun in several states and could become more of a thing as vaccine mandates are enforced over the coming weeks.

Vaccine mandates have been a hot topic discussed and debated in many aspects, including among airlines. Thankfully not every airline is legally bound by a federal contract and decided not to abide by Biden’s extremist mandates — like Delta.


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