Painful Video Shows Biden Looking Lost And Confused At Georgia Rally

President Joe Biden is rallying throughout the southern states this past week and hosted an outdoor rally in Georgia this past Thursday evening. After delivering his statements, the President looked confused behind the pedestal as the fully vaccinated Biden spent half a minute frantically searching for his mask, only to later realize it was in his pocket the entire time.

Biden stayed behind the pedestal as music blasted at the end of the drive-in rally in Duluth, Georgia. The video shows the president ruffling through his binder looking for his face covering, even though he is fully vaccinated.


Sen. Raphael Warnock, D-GA., Sen. Jon Ossoff, D-GA. and First Lady Jill Biden walked onto the stage, waving to the sea of cars. Moments later, Jill Biden joined her husband in his search for his mask, flipping through the president’s binder.

“I’m looking for my mask. I’m in trouble,” Joe Biden said into the microphone.

After finding the mask in his pocket, Biden lifted it into the air for the crowds to see as if it was some “accomplishment.”

This wasn’t the only awkward moment for the president during his speech at the drive-in rally. Biden was interrupted abruptly at the start of his monologue by protesters shouting at him about private detention centers.

After Biden was introduced by his wife Jill, the crowd of people began shouting “end detention now,” interrupting most of the president’s speech.

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