People Flee Airport After Shocking Discovery In Terminal 8

After at least four people, including one who was in "grave condition," became ill from what appeared to be a carbon dioxide leak, Los Angeles International Airport evacuated a terminal on Monday.

Firefighters began investigating the alleged leak in Terminal 8, which is used by United Airlines, at around 8 a.m. local time, according to the airport.

The Los Angeles Fire Department reported three people were in mild distress and one in "grave condition" due to the leak.


No escalating or off-site hazards, according to fire officials, have been found.

According to the airport, passengers from Terminal 8 were evacuated and transported to Terminal 7 for screening.

According to airport officials, United flights arriving at the airport were being held at their departure airport while firefighters investigated the unidentified leak. All travelers were advised by the airport to get in touch with their airline for detailed flight information.

The only facility impacted by the hazmat investigation was Terminal 8 and United Airlines, according to the airline.

The source of the gas leak has not been disclosed by the authorities, but according to local reports, it appears to have occurred during construction and affected workers.

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