Philadelphia Man Beats Receptionist To Death With Metal Pipes

A Philadelphia man was arrested on Wednesday for beating a woman to death with two metal pipes. The attack happened on the eighth floor of an office building shortly after 2:00 p.m. Authorities received almost twenty 911 calls from people that witnessed the attack, according to Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector Scott Small.

“People screaming, people hiding under desks, a person with a weapon,” he said. “It was definitely a very violent tragic incident that probably lasted longer than your normal homicide when someone gets shot.”

Philadelphia Police said the 31-year-old woman had been beaten with a two-foot metal pipe 5 times in the head, by a man that walked up behind her and attacked. The assault happened in front of her coworkers on the 8th floor at 325 Chestnut St.

Authorities apprehended the unnamed 48-year-old man when he exited the elevator on the first floor of the office building covered in blood. He was carrying a bag containing two metal pipes that were also covered in blood.

Witnesses told investigators that the 31-year-old victim was sitting at the reception desk when the man walked up to her and struck her at least five times in the head with the pipes. She had wounds to her arms and hands.

The victim was transported to Jefferson University Hospital where she was pronounced dead.

Investigators said the man and woman did know each other, but there was no indication they had been romantically involved and therefore do not believe the attack was domestic. Authorities have yet to determine a motive.

“We believe there may have been some arguments or problems in the past,” Small said. “However we are still working on that information by interviewing some witnesses.”

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