Police Pull Over "Drunk Driver" But Instead Find Something Shocking In The Back Seat

Pennsylvania police pulled over a suspected drunken driver around midnight on Thursday only to find a live deer in the back of the vehicle.

The passengers in the car told the Newberry Township police that the deer had been hit by a car so they had put it in the hatchback and even after realizing it was alive, they continued driving.

In a YouTube video posted by the Newberry Township Police, one of the passengers can be seen getting out of the car, removing the deer from the trunk, and carrying it across the road. The animal seemed to be fighting to free itself from the man’s arms.

The unnamed 19-year-old driver was taken into custody by police and is being investigated for suspected driving under the influence. The Pennsylvania Game Commission is also involved in the investigation.

In 2019, a sheriff’s deputy in Butte County, California, conducted a traffic stop and found a deer in the back seat of the vehicle. The driver told the officer that the deer had been raised as a pet after being rescued as a fawn.

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