Prime Minister Drops A BOMBSHELL That Will Change Everything

On Thursday, Boris Johnson declared his intention to step down as British prime minister, bringing a turbulent conclusion to a regime that once had a solid democratic mandate.

After 42 ministers resigned because they thought Johnson's position was "untenable," Johnson's nearly three-year term came to an end in a mess after he threatened a confrontation with his party and a potential general election. New leadership, in his words, "clearly now represents the will of Parliament."

While his Conservative Party chooses a new prime minister, a process that might take around two months, Johnson hopes to continue in a caretaker role.

"I have appointed a new cabinet who will serve, as I will, until a new leader is in place," he said. "When the herd instinct moves, it moves."

After learning that the prime minister had promoted Chris Pincher to the prestigious position of deputy chief whip despite allegations of sexual misconduct, Conservative ministers said they no longer had trust in the leader of the country.

However, it wasn't the only controversy with which Johnson's administration had to contend. It was only the last one that the ministers would put up with, ending his one and only political aspiration.

"Boris Johnson’s place in history is assured given his stewardship of Brexit, vaccine rollout during the COVID-19 crisis and staunch defense of the free world in Ukraine," said Alan Mendoza, co-founder and executive director of the Henry Jackson Society.

"His personal foibles were known to all before he came to office and have always been part and parcel of his offering. They will not affect the reality that he has got the big calls right and has always confounded his critics in doing so."


Although some people felt the mayor was a bit of a clown and unable to continue leading, others were won over by his enthusiasm to partake in any type of publicity.


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