Russia Bombs Ukrainian City Near NATO Border

Russia bombed the western Ukrainian city of Lviv with cruise missiles on Friday putting an end to the relative peace they had known there, according to Mayor Andriy Sadovy.

Lviv is 50 miles away from Poland, a NATO member, and has served as a haven for Ukrainian citizens who have fled cities that Russia has more frequently targeted. Sadovy said several buildings were destroyed when missiles struck an aircraft repair plant at the airport complex.

The plant was not in operation at the time of the attack and no casualties were reported.

Over the past week, Russia has been heavily targeting western Ukraine, and Kyiv, the capital. Russian missiles struck a military training facility near the Polish border on Sunday, killing at least 35 people.

U.S. National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said NATO would respond to any attack on the alliance’s territory, even if the strike was unintentional.

Russia began its invasion on Feb. 24 and has launched over 1,000 missiles since the attack began. Forces hit a theater that was serving as a bomb shelter in the strategic city of Mariupol on Wednesday, trapping more than one thousand civilians under it.

The Defense official said Russia’s apparent increased reliance on non-precision-guided munitions suggests “they might be either conserving their precision-guided munitions or beginning to experience a shortage.”

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