Russian Protestors Abducted By Police And Tortured For Hours

When anti-war demonstrators in Russia are arrested, they are frequently subjected to “torture.” Mark Narusov, a demonstrator who was imprisoned by Russian police for denouncing the conflict in Ukraine, said they are exposed to psychological mistreatment and sexual threats.

Narusov claimed that he and 25 others were caught after yelling “no war” at a Moscow metro station. He claimed they were brought by bus 1.5 hours away to a police station and interrogated for hours.

“The police officers didn’t communicate where we were going, of course, didn’t read the Miranda Rights to us or anything,” he said, noting they were not physically harmed while on the bus.

“What happened next was borderline torture… There were police officers in civilian clothing who took each one of us in order for interrogation,” using techniques that could be “absolutely clearly classifiable as emotional abuse,” he said.

“They started calling everyone names, there were a lot of threats of sexual violence directed towards women” and even toward himself, he added.

“I was personally threatened with them putting me in an actual prison and then there being Dagestani cocks in my mouth,” he said. “One of the officers in civilian clothing even made sexual sounds” demostrating what would happen to him.

“I was one of the lucky ones… there are a lot of cases of violence happening during the interrogations, people getting hit. In our group of 25, one person was physically harmed,” and one protester was threatened to be killed, he continued.

All the protesters were scheduled for a court date, and Narusov said he received the lowest possible fine of 10,000 rubles ($90).

Over 750 people have been arrested in Russia for protesting against the war.

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