Senator's Video Meeting Hijacked And Replaced With Awkward Sex Scene

Italian lawmakers were having a video meeting Monday when they were interrupted by a CGI clip of Final Fantasy VII’s Tifa Lockhart having sex.

The Zoom call, hosted by Five Star Movement Senator Maria Laura Mantovani, seemed to be going well until it was hijacked by the anime-style pornographic video. Mantovani continued to speak, seemingly unaware of the video being played. As she continued, one of the Zoom participants screamed “sex offender” as the pornographic footage rolled complete with audio.

The video footage was finally cut, but not the audio as members of the meeting tried to talk over awkward moans, with one man again shouting “sex offender.”

This is not the first time pornographic footage has made an unwanted appearance during a serious event. During a 6 p.m. newscast by KREM in Washington, the station unwittingly aired a 13-second pornographic clip while Meteorologist Michelle Boss was giving a weather update

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