Terrified Family Finds Something Hiding In Their Chimney

A Maryland family discovered an intruder who was trapped in their home’s chimney Saturday.

Ibrar Khan called the police after hearing strange sounds, but it was not until the second time they called the police that they realized someone was trapped in their chimney.

The incident occurred in the family’s home on Dameron Drive around 3 a.m. when Khan heard strange sounds in the home. “I kept hearing some really loud banging noises, some thudding noises, like something was banging the wall,” Khan said.

Khan called the police when he could not find where the noise was coming from.

Police investigated the home and yard but found no evidence of an intruder.

The noises continued for about an hour after police left and sounded as though they were coming from inside a wall of the home.

Khan called the police again and upon further investigation, they followed the noise to the source in the wall above the fireplace.

Firefighters were called to the scene to find what was causing the noises in the chimney. They spent the next 90 minutes removing parts of the wall and bricks with rescue equipment, including ladders, lights, and shovels, to find an adult man was trapped in there.

The man was taken to a hospital where he was treated for serious injuries, but he is expected to make a recovery.

Khan and his family expressed concern for the man but were also grateful that his break-in was not successful.

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