Sunday, August 7 2022

Terrified Woman Swims For Her Live During Seal Attack

A woman is recovering after a violent encounter with a nursing monk seal at Kaimana Beach in Honolulu.

A video of the attack shows the California woman swimming about 20 to 25 feet offshore. When the woman’s head pops out of the water the mother monk seal charges at her.

According to locals, the mother seal named Rocky gave birth to a pup about two weeks ago and was seen that morning “barking back and forth looking for her pup.”

Roughly five minutes after Rocky found her seal pup, she charged at the nearest swimmer. The mother seal then followed the woman as she tried to swim toward the shore.

“My wife had a swim cap on, and her head was in the water when both seals appeared,” said the woman’s husband. “She could not hear 50 or so people on the beach screaming for swimmers to get out of the water. She then stands up and hears the people screaming and waving at her. She starts swimming away from the seals.”

“I’m thinking she’s going to die, by the time I get down to the beach. When I got there, three rescuers, including one in an outrigger canoe were bringing her to shore, while the seals were swimming toward them again,” he added. “There is no one to blame here. All my wife did was go swimming, and she happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

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