Texas Is No Longer Taking It Easy On Protestors Caught Doing This

A new bill from the desk of Texas Governor Greg Abbott will increase penalties for protestors who gather to block roads and obstruct emergency vehicles.

When signed into law the new bill will enforce tougher penalties and increase jail time for protestors who intentionally block the passage of emergency vehicles or obstruct hospital entrances.

Abbott, who is a two-term GOP governor and running for a third term next year, says he'll soon be signing the measure into law.

"I will sign soon," Abbott posted on his social media. "Peaceful protest doesn’t include blocking roadways & preventing emergency vehicle access. That chaos won’t be tolerated in Texas."

The governor made the post following the Texas Senate voting 25-5 to pass the bill. Just a few weeks ago the measure passed the Texas House by a 90-55 vote which came as a response to protests that broke out all over the country last year due to police brutality and the death of George Floyd at the hands of former police officer Derek Chauvin, who has since been convicted of murder.

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