Texas Teen Caught In Massive Tornado But What Happens After Is Amazing

The 16-year-old Texas teen who was driving in his pickup truck outside of Austin this week when he got caught in a tornado when the wind tipped the truck over slung it around then set it back up on its wheels will soon be back on the road thanks to a generous gift from Chevy.

Riley Leon was on his way home from a job interview at a Whataburger in Manor when the vicious storm hit and left his Chevy pickup in bad shape.

“So it was family. That truck helped me and my dad get to where we are at now. To see that it’s gone, it brings a lot of tears to me,” Leon said.

Leon did get the job and as it turns out he will be getting a 2022 Chevrolet Silverado pickup from Bruce Lowrie Chevrolet, which worked with Chevrolet and the Chevy Cares charitable foundation to make it happen.

The dealership’s president, Randall Shapiro said when he saw the video of what happened to Leon he immediately began making calls to track him down so he could offer him the truck.

“We are thankful Riley is safe, commend his driving skills during a frightening situation, and our hearts are with other families in Texas that have been affected by these storms,” Chevrolet said in a news release.

The new pickup is a Cherry Red Silverado 1500 All-Star edition, which has a starting price of around $50,000. That’s also the amount Chevy Cares will be donating to the American Red Cross to help those affected by the destructive storms.

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