The President’s Actions On Stage Prove He Is Not The One In Charge

Sean Hannity blasted Biden for showing weakness as leader of a country and is considered by most Americans to not be the person in charge. Hannity pointed out the president’s jumbled speech and constant state of confusion declaring that Biden is “definitely not” the person running the show.

“This administration is unraveling far faster than we even expected and worst of all no one knows who is in charge. As we told you earlier in the week, 57% now of Americans they see what we’ve been talking about… By the way, 58% of Independents and even a third of Democrats see it. And so does America’s enemies,” Hannity said.

“Today yet again he struggled to get words out during his one and only publicly scheduled event,” he continued. “As I said earlier this week, I honestly can no longer laugh, I can’t joke about Biden’s cognitive struggles. Everyone can see he is in really bad shape. Our allies see it, our enemies see it. The majority of now of the American people, they’re seeing it, and it’s downright dangerous.”

Hannity also said that people should be worried about Biden’s lack of leadership when it comes to our foreign adversaries. With the recent Russian-based hack, China continuing to escalate with threats against Taiwan and America and now the Biden administration pulling out of Afghanistan many are wondering who will be left in charge. The worst-case scenario would be the Taliban.

Hannity said, “Biden is getting steamrolled by America’s enemies… None of these hostile actors fear or respect Joe Biden, neither does the Taliban.”

When asked about the reasoning for the U.S. pulling out of Afghanistan, Hannity exploded on White House press secretary Jen Psaki for “not bothering” to give American troops the credit they deserve and demanded she give an apology.

“She said that there would be no celebration for the troops coming home because the war had not been won militarily,” Hannity said. “If this war was lost there is only one reason and it’s a political one blame Joe, your boss, and company. Militarily, the brave men and the brave women who fought in Afghanistan and decimated al Qaeda and heroically fought to maintain order in a failed state for two decades.”

He added, “Whoever is in charge at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, whoever you are, you’re doing a pretty terrible job, and tonight the American people are suffering on all levels tonight as a result.”

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