The Taliban Makes A Disturbing Demand Of The United Nations

The Taliban appointed an ambassador to represent their government of Afghanistan in the United Nations on Tuesday, and are now asking that world leaders officially recognize the regime.

Afghanistan's current U.N. ambassador is Ghulam Isaczai who was appointed by the now obsolete government of Afghanistan supported by the U.S. military. The Taliban sent a letter to U.N. leaders nominating Suhail Shaheen as their representative and requested that he would be allowed to address the assembly.

Biden has faced strong bipartisan criticism for the way he handled the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan. He promised that the exit would be "safe and orderly," but it was instead deadly and frantic. During the evacuation, 13 U.S. service members and nearly 100 Afghans were killed in a suicide bombing. When the withdrawal was complete on August 31, approximately 100 Americans and tens and thousands of Afghan refugees were left behind in Afghanistan.

Biden and his officials have claimed that the U.S. was prepared for the Taliban to take over the country as quickly as it did while at the same time they said that no one could have predicted that the Taliban could have taken over the country as quickly as it did.

Reporters questioned White House press secretary Jen Psaki during an Aug. 31 press briefing on whether the Biden administration had adequately prepared.

"I don't think anyone assessed that they would collapse as quickly as they did. Anyone - anyone in this room, anyone anywhere in the world," Psaki responded. "If you have anyone who did I would be surprised."

ABC News reported on Aug.15 that the U.S. intelligence community warned Biden that the Afghan government could fall in a matter of days, but the administration did not listen.

The Biden administration has tried to deflect blame for the Afghanistan catastrophe to former President Donald Trump's administration as well as the Afghan government. Biden insists that Trump failed to enforce the conditions of his peace agreement with the Taliban. The White House also contend that the Afghan military did not fight for the survival of their government.

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