TikTok Star’s Pleasure Turned To Pain In Her Butt

One TikTok star said her pleasure literally turned into a pain in the bum, when she got a sex toy stuck up there and had to get it surgically removed.

The woman, who lives in the U.K. and goes by the handle @sophzaloafs shared her graphic tale and even posted the X-ray images of the vibrator inside her body.

The TikTok star said she was using the 3-inch toy when things went just a little too far and she couldn’t retrieve it..

She said she couldn’t make it to the hospital that night, so she tried to sleep with the vibrator still lodged in place but the toy continued to vibrate all night causing her to toss and turn.

The next morning, she knew she needed medical intervention to rectify the situation. Doctors were unable to remove the device manually and had to perform surgery.

The woman said she awoke from surgery to find her vibrator had been placed next to her in a plastic bag … and to her surprise, the thing still had some battery life!

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