Twerking Alabama Woman Stops Traffic

An Alabama woman was arrested Tuesday for dancing on top of her car and causing a traffic jam.

Commuters in Mobile, Alabama got more than they bargained for when 27-year-old Chandra Andrews started dancing on top of her car in the middle of traffic.

It was around 3 pm when Andrews got out of her car and climbed up on the hood, pulled down her pants, and started twerking for the crowd.

One driver captured footage of Andrews flipping off other drivers, smacking her bottom, and dropping it like it was hot.

Officers arrested Andrews just minutes after she wrapped up her performance, and drove away. She was booked into Metro Jail on charges of disorderly conduct.

Andrews has been arrested for disorderly conduct no less than 10 times since 2013. She has previously been charged with public intoxication as well.

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