Unemployment Crisis! One In Eight Americans Turn Down Jobs

A new report released early this weekend indicated that over 1.8 million Americans chose to turn down job offers to keep the unemployment benefits that many blue states have in order.

During a survey issued by the Morning Consult 463 out-of-work American adults at the end of June. Roughly one in eight admitted that they had refused job offers while unemployed due to the amount of “money from unemployment insurance without having to work.”

Morning Consult calculated that roughly 1.8 million Americans turned down jobs due to the handouts due to the 14.1 million adults collecting benefits at the time of the survey.

Under President Biden’s $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan, the federal government funded $300-per-week enhanced unemployment insurance — a policy that has caused sluggish labor market recovery. Twenty-six states — all but one of which are led by Republicans — have therefore opted out of the program.

As personal finance company WalletHub recently found, nine of the ten states with the most robust labor market recoveries — Vermont, Utah, Nebraska, South Dakota, Idaho, New Hampshire, Alabama, Kansas, Montana, and Oklahoma — have Republican governors. Meanwhile, all of the bottom ten — Illinois, New Jersey, Louisiana, the District of Columbia, California, Connecticut, Nevada, New York, New Mexico, and Hawaii — are run by Democrats.

Another recent report explained that many blue states are offering benefits packages “equivalent to $100,000 a year in salary for a family of four with two unemployed parents.” Even without considering “food stamps, school breakfast and lunch programs, rental assistance, and the fact that some unemployment benefits are not subject to federal income tax,” analysts discovered that “the maximum benefit package when including the $300 a week supplemental UI benefit” vastly outweighs median household income.

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