Unmasked Woman Causes A Scene, Watch What Happens Next

Police officers arrested and detained a New York woman Wednesday night at a school board meeting after she refused to fully cover her nose while wearing her mask.

Shannon Joy, a parent, and local radio broadcaster were removed from a school board meeting by law enforcement officials after live streaming it on social media.

“Yup. I was handcuffed & detained by Monroe County Sheriff tonight for inappropriately wearing my mask at the Fairport School District board meeting,” she posted to social media.

Joy was arrested and charged with criminal trespass.

Joy addressed the school board after the recess motion was seconded, “This is not leadership.” You requested that we be respectful of you, but you are incapable of showing respect to taxpayers and residents. This is ridiculous.”

Joy was supposedly then asked to leave because her mask did not completely cover her nose. She then removed her mask and used her phone’s Facebook Live feature to inform others about what transpired during the encounter.

“The irony,” Joy posted online, captioning a photo of her detainment. “I was arrested for wearing my mask improperly. By a barefaced police officer and another with the mask under her chin. How is this America?”

She later added, “Ok let me amend this. I was told to leave a public meeting because my mask was on the tip of my nose and not the BRIDGE of my nose. When I declined to leave for such a stupid reason they declared I was TRESPASSING and had me arrested in [sic] charged with criminal trespass.”

Three Monroe County Sheriff’s Deputies entered the room minutes later. They escorted the mother outside, arrested her, and placed her in handcuffs. Joy documented the circumstances leading up to her handcuffing on tape, as shown here.


“It is becoming blatantly apparent that the Fairport School Board, Superintendent Brett Provenzano and outside organization ‘Black In The Burbs’ collaborated to create meeting conditions designed to result in my arrest,” Joy told The Daily Wire. “I have been an outspoken community organizer with a large media platform and am often critical of the board’s policy & practices regarding masking, coerced vaccination, Critical Race Theory & Comprehensive Sex Education.”

“These individuals are so frightened of transparency and organic, open discourse that they sought to silence, intimidate and publicly humiliate me to serve as a warning to any other parent who dares to speak up,” Joy continued. “Instead, they have inadvertently outraged our community even further.”

“My attorneys at Hogan Willig will work to get ALL CHARGES DROPPED (Joy’s emphasis) on September 14th and we will be looking at filing lawsuits as well,” she added.

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