WATCH Getaway Car Goes Up In Flames Caught On CCTV

Police have released video footage that shows a car exploding like a "fireball" after it was used in a drive-by shooting. CCTV shows Otis Collier, 20, and his accomplice running from the inferno after setting alight the Volkswagen Golf that had been used in the fatal shooting of Abdul Xasan in Coventry on 13 March 2020.

Police also obtained footage of Xasan being gunned down in broad daylight by members of a rival gang in the rear seats of the stolen VW. Xasan suffered two gunshot wounds and died in the street from internal injuries. Ballistics experts matched spent cartridges from the murder scene to shotgun cartridges found in the burnt-out car.

Getaway driver Riaz Ahmed, 15, and 19-year-old Carren Monga – who fired the fatal shots through the Golf’s window – were both sentenced to life in November 2020. Monga shot Abdul with a pump-action shotgun at point-blank range. Collier agreed to meet Ahmed shortly after the shooting and officers traced phone calls between Collier and Ahmed before the car was set on fire at around 8 pm that night. Images were found on Collier’s phone of two men inside the stolen VW Golf that was taken just minutes before the car was destroyed.

Detective Sergeant Steve Parkes said: “Collier was trying to help two gang members get away with murder: he plotted to try and destroy vital evidence.

“Ultimately he failed. Despite the destruction of important forensic evidence, police scientists were able to link the remnants of shotgun cartridges from the Golf to those recovered at the scene. We put a compelling case to a jury that led to Ahmed and Monga being jailed for life, and now Collier will also spend several years behind bars. Anyone who associates themselves with gangs risks being killed or seriously injured, or spending much of their life behind bars."

During their trial, the court heard Monga and Ahmed were linked to the C2 gang in Coventry and conspired to kill Xasan who was connected to a rival gang known as RB7.

Video footage shows Ahmed stopping the car yards from Abdul to allow Monga to shoot the victim from the passenger window. The clip shows three puffs of white smoke coming from the weapon. Getaway driver Ahmed then chased the victim around the corner - just yards from a nursery -
while the gunman fired again.

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