WATCH Rescue Go Horribly Wrong In The Blink Of An Eye

Without the bravery of the attending firefighter and numerous bystanders, an automobile accident that left a firefighter with a shattered leg may have been much worse.

First responders discovered a black BMW SUV on top of a white Volvo automobile that was crushed when they got to the site of the collision in midtown Manhattan on Sunday afternoon. Ryan Warnock, a firefighter, was attempting to free a passenger from the SUV when it abruptly surged forward and turned over onto him.

"As members from Rescue 1 tried to brace and stabilize the car on top and remove the occupants inside, the driver of one of the vehicles hit the gas and caused a car to fall and pin firefighter Ryan Warnock below," said Acting Fire Commissioner Laura Kavanagh.

Bystanders and additional firefighters reportedly sprang into action almost once, lifting the BMW SUV high enough for Warnock to be rescued from underneath it, according to video and eyewitness testimony.

"Basically, all we could do is everyone that was standing around, we went, we pushed the BMW up the best that we could, and thank God the firefighter came out in one piece," said an eyewitness. "And even with a broken leg, he was able to pull the driver out of the car."

"Every day, members of our great Department put their lives on the line to protect the residents of our great city. We are grateful for the quick response of our members, whose fast reactions helped remove firefighter Warnock quickly and ensured he got the medical attention he needed," said Kavanagh.

"All of a sudden, we just felt this impact, and we saw a car drive up on the side of our vehicle," driver Matthew Wahn said.

"We’re fine, we were able to get out," he said, calling it nothing short of a "miracle."

Wahn, who lives in the Bayside neighborhood of Queens, said it was all part of the New York experience.




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