WATCH The Moment A Fiery Accident Destroys Jet At Air Show

At a Michigan air show, a "jet truck" caught fire and burst into flames on Saturday afternoon, leaving one person dead, according to reports.

Two planes were being raced by the Shockwave Jet Truck at speeds of up to 300 mph when it suddenly burst into flames in front of witnesses.

According to the city of Battle Creek, Michigan, the explosion claimed one life.

Social media users shared videos of the explosion, which happened at the Field of Flight air show.

While emergency personnel dealt with the explosion, the program was put on hold.

According to reports, the Federal Aviation Administration is conducting an investigation alongside local law enforcement.

One of the biggest airshow and balloon festivals in the nation, Field of Flight, was planned to continue through Monday.

The Shockwave Jet Truck is advertised on the Field of Flight website as "perhaps the most famous jet truck in the world."

"Chris Darnell will bring the SHOCKWAVE to Battle Creek, racing at well over 300 mph down our runway," the website says. "This year, SHOCKWAVE will look a bit different, as it is painted to honor all of those who have served and are presently serving. It also has a TOP GUN appearance to coincide with the release of the new TOP GUN: MAVERICK later this year."

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