Watch This Chick-fil-A Worker Beat The Crap Out Of Carjacker

A Florida Chick-fil-A worker stopped a carjacking by coming to the aid of a woman and her baby and tackling a would-be carjacker.

Police charged William Branch, 43, with carjacking with a weapon and battery, according to the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office.

The woman was taking her baby out of her car at Chick-fil-A when Branch approached her holding a stick and demanded her car keys, police said. Branch then grabbed the keys from her waistband, opened her car door, and got inside.

The fast food employee intervened when the woman began “screaming,” authorities said, and Branch punched her in the face.

The Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office commended the employee, saying, “A major shout-out to this young man for his courage!”

Video taken by a witness shows the young hero tackling and latching onto Branch before taking him to the ground.

Police arrived and arrested Branch. They later commended the young Chick-fil-A worker for his bravery.

“A major shout-out to this young man for his courage!” police said in a statement.

Social media users commended the unknown employee for his bravery on Okaloosa’s social media accounts.

“I hope my sons grow up to be this brave.” one said. Another commented, “Just when I thought Chick-fil-A couldn’t be any better!! Like a boss!”

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