WATCH: Toddler Deemed A Hero After Saving Family From Raging Fire

It’s never a bad time to become a hero and one toddler decided it was time to step up.

Footage from a family’s house shows how a 4-year-old girl saved the family’s house from burning down when she spotted a fire in the kitchen. Amazingly, the young girl reacted quickly and rushed to get her father’s attention, who was able to stop the blaze before it destroyed his house.

Daniel Patrick Jermyn spoke with Fox News, saying that the incident occurred after he finished cooking lunch and getting ready to go out of the house. His 4-year-old daughter, Amelia, was playing with her toys and dancing around the home when she noticed the blaze on top of the stove.

Luckily one of the family’s security cameras filmed the moment when Amelia noticed the fire and rushed to alert her father. Here is the footage below:

“She’s a little hero,” Jermyn said. “She probably saved my house.”

He explained that she found him and said “Hey dad, you have to come look at this.” She was also flailing her arms around. According to Jermyn, he could tell by the way she was acting that something was wrong.

Apparently, the family’s air fryer had caught fire. Acting fast, Jermyn grabbed the appliance with his bare hands then quickly ran out of the house and threw it in the backyard pool. While he was able to prevent a major fire from breaking out, there was still some significant damage.

“The stove is down,” he said, explaining that the fire melted much of the appliance’s top. The rug was damaged as well, along with the microwave. According to him, if it had burned for two more minutes, his cabinets probably would’ve been lost as well.

Jermyn said that he hopes that this incident shows other parents that even at a young age, kids can still have really good situational awareness. According to him, when they say that something is wrong, it’s probably a good idea to take it seriously.

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